High Performance LED System

CLIR 2 Series

High performance sports lighting system with advanced optics

Candela Lumen Intensity Refinement

High Performance Sports Lighting

CLIR 2 Series LED

System Features

  • No interference circuit system
  • Ultra-low EMI noise generation

  • Efficient system to save energy and produce more light

  • Advanced optics designed to create uniform light distribution

  • Multi-scale lenses for glare reduction

  • Advanced solid state design to ensure durability

  • Thermal management to ensure stability of lighting system

  • Wireless controls for zone and scheduling integrated into each system

  • Pre-aimed and pre-wired for ease of installation

  • Guaranteed light levels for life with low maintenance

CLIR 2 Series LED

Technical Data

  • Housing: Aluminum Powder Coated

  • System Watts: 800W

  • L70 Tested: >100,000 hours

  • CCT: 4000/5000/5700/6500

  • Beam Angle: Narrow / Medium / Wide / Extra Wide

  • Power Factor: 0.95

  • CRI: >75Ra

  • Operating Temp: -35°C to +50°C

  • Input Voltage: 208-480V

  • Driver: Integral

  • THD: <15%

  • EPA: 1.31

  • Input Protection: 10KV Current Surge

  • IP Rating: IP66 / IP68

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