Here are a few reasons why our clients chose
GeoSport ® Lighting Systems:

GeoSport Lighting was contracted by our district to install new lighting for our football stadium last year. The installation went smooth and only took a couple of days. Their service has been great. We’ve only had one light that needed replacing, and it was replaced the same week that we reported it being out. The upgrade to our lights has made a huge impact; it looks better from the stands, and you can tell a big difference in our livestreams and game films. We would definitely recommend GeoSport Lighting to anyone looking to upgrade!

Clint Ashcraft

Athletic Director, Conway Public Schools

DeQuincy High School

DeQuincy, LA

We are amazed at the difference GeoSport Lighting has made for Bulldog Stadium. Not only the obvious of outstanding lighting, but the overall service from GeoSport Lighting was tremendous. From the beginning, the entire project was smooth and the customer service from Geo was excellent. The lights have been installed for over a year now and we have not had any issues at all. We continue to receive praise and positive comments on how the lights completely changed the look of the stadium. Not only did the visual aspects improve for spectators, the on-field experience for our student athletes is now top-notch!

Jordan Frizzell, Ed. S.

Superintendent, Star City School District

We highly recommend GeoSport Lighting systems to anyone looking for great service with a turn-key system. The team has great knowledge about the industry and their products reflect just that. They worked with our city park and provided lighting for all of our fields. Our park has never looked better.

Shane Hebert

Park and Recreation Director, City of Zachary

Jacob Gill

Coach, Shiloh Saints Football (AR)

GeoSport Lighting provided our school with a great system on many of our fields. Our student athletes now have the best technology in the industry to help them succeed on the fields. The installation process was quick and efficient, and we were able to use them right away. We are thankful to partner with GeoSport Lighting to provide the best in class for our sport programs.  

 Steve Browning

Athletic Director, Southern Arkansas University

DeQuincy High School

DeQuincy, LA